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Database Design

All organizations handle data, most of this is still done manually or done by very simple computer based systems. Vast amounts of data can be tucked away in filing systems and never really used because it would involve too much work. Data that might provide valuable statistics or speed up the processing of other data is simply locked away or thrown away.

While they squander their data, many organizations also have paid good money for powerful data handling packages (e.g. databases like Microsoft Access) that are only used in a very simple way. Either because no one knows that they have such huge potential or they know but don't have the expertise to exploit this potential.

Relational databases are becoming increasingly popular for web applications. This is generally a good thing, allowing us to focus on the way in which our data is structured, rather than the way it is stored on disk. Offloading data storage and retrieval tasks to a relational database server means our programs can be smaller and easier to maintain.

However, incorporating a database server on a web site is not a cure-all. The database might take care of many necessary tasks, but it cannot design your tables for you, nor determine the best way in which to work with them.

Getting the most out of a database is something of a black art, which is why good database administrators (DBAs) are always in high demand. But with a few simple techniques, we can overcome some of the most basic performance problems experienced by web programmers. We will design a database that can handle train schedules. In so doing, we will touch on a number of issues database programmers face when deciding how to design tables in a database.

We make it easy for your everyday needs

  • Data Handling Systems
  • Built to Suit Your Needs
  • Easy data entry
  • Reports generated without fuss
  • A wide range of data views available on demand
  • Calculations statistics and graphs produced automatically
  • Simple to use menus
  • Mouse click or easy key press operation
  • Built in security features
  • On screen help always available
  • No complex understanding of computers or databases needed
  • Systems using the full power of the database package
  • Driven by hand crafted programming code
  • Tailored to meet your individual needs
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